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APP Support (The Alberta Agenda Trust)

The Alberta Agenda Trust was formed by a group of Calgary business people to raise funds for the support of the Alberta Agenda. (Specifically the Alberta Pension Plan)

Selling the APP to Albertans:

We believe that this can be achieved quickly by combining:

We are currently at the stage where we need serious support from those who can well afford to do their part.

The amount needed for the first stage of this plan (during the PC leadership race) is a minimum of $250,000 for media advertising and $60,000 for operating costs = total of $310,000.

If this campaign were to be launched in October, it would become the main focus of the provincial Conservative leadership campaign. With strong public support, the new premier could begin the three-year preparation process before calling an election.

To donate make cheque payable to the Alberta Agenda Trust.

Mail to:
Alberta Agenda Trust

2101, 505 – 6 St. SW

Calgary, AB T2P 0S8

The Alberta Agenda Trust was formed by a group of prominent Albertans to raise funds in support of the Alberta Agenda. The Alberta Agenda is a proposal to restore and strengthen provincial rights. It was first expressed in an open letter to Ralph Klein in 2001 written by Stephen Harper, Ted Morton and four other prominent and concerned Albertans.

The Agenda urges Alberta to strengthen its position in Confederation by creating its own provincial police force, and to collect its own personal provincial income tax, all of which are within the existing constitutional powers of provinces.

In addition to promoting these provincial objectives, the trust has supported the Calgary Congress to reaffirm the rights of all provinces.

The trustees are:

Stan Grad - an Alberta rancher and oilman

Don Barkwell - a retired senior oil executive

Pat Shouldice - founder of Nowsco Well Services

The Alberta Pension Plan working committee consists of Actuary Gordon Lang and a group of other volunteers chaired by business executive Marv Jones. The team that has been organized to sell this idea is led by Pat Beauchamp (Calgary) and Link Byfield (Edmonton), and will be promoting it to the Alberta public, Alberta politicians, and others in high places of influence.